What We Do

We are not afraid of any challenge

But we are best at

Online Advertisement

We will distinguish you from competition, prepare a campaign, create a brand.

SEO Traffic

We will create quality content for good positioning in search and will bring relevant visitors.

Public Relations

We will change mundane information to exciting content and live up your online communication.

StartUp Investments

We will analyze your case, evaluate its potential and support you.

Online advertisement

It’s all about being visible on the web. But it’s totally unnecessary to have ads at website just for the sake of having it. We offer precise focusing on audience in which you are interested. We will analyze your company, find and hide its weaknesses and highlight its strengths. We will build the whole strategy on them and develop the campaign. We will distinguish you. Because it’s important to do things in a different way than others do. We always play fair. For your promotion we offer ads on websites visited daily by thousands of people. All real visitors whom we know how to point in your way through focused campaigns. You will receive real people from us for conversion. No lost users by accident.

SEO Traffic

Based on research, search engines bring as many as half of the visitors to webpages. So if you are not dealing with SEO, you lose a significant number of your visitors. We can change that. We specifically collect visitors, which/whom we send directly to you. We are not focused only at collecting search engine bots. Our goal is to give more to the visitors, offering them on our websites exactly what they are looking for. A number of interesting information, news and advice. Subsequently we make a selection and bring you only those users, who are looking for what you offer.

Public Relations

Public Relations In the extremely competitive online environment you have to communicate. And you have to be different than the rest. We can do it. And we can teach you. PR is no longer only articles and press releases. It’s a complex set of activities incorporating content marketing, link building, social networks, blogs and other areas and channels, through which you have to communicate. The most important thing is to figure out something that is interesting for people and has the potential to address them. It doesn’t make sense to create unnecessary content and spread it. We will never push you into this. Quite the opposite, we prepare or help you prepare the content, which you will be able to use not only online, but offline as well. Goal is to create an authoritative web, that gain quality backlinks and than we can support the SEO activities.


Start Up Investments

Having a quality idea is not enough anymore. Millions of people around the world do have it. To develop an idea you need capital and know-how of bussiness professionals. We will gladly help you with both. For many years we are working, leading our own companies and managing people as well as resources. This is very important. But providing sufficient capital, so that a potentially good product can be developed, is essential/crucial. Of course everything is proceeded by detailed analysis and several meetings. But if you can catch our attention, we can help you. We will gladly try to change the future.

Do you want ads on our websites? Contact info@grisio.com. We are looking forward to the cooperation.